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softmarmotte wrote:

i haven't seen any mention of these on the fora

Yesterday's gadget, but still useful. Most would now arrange images to stream to their TV.

and i am sure there are going to be plenty of 'why do you want want one of those' sneers but does anyone have any recommendations ?

prefer 4:3 aspect and larger than 12 inch..


Long time since I played, but a survivor is a 10" Kodak frame that seems OK.

In experimenting with a variety of frames years ago I found the best results came from supplying it with images cropped to the aspect ratio of the screen and resized to exactly twice the pixel dimensions of the screen. That looked better than using images of exactly the pixel dimensions. Larger than twice had no benefit.

Things always looked better with a bit of over-enthusiastic sharpening and contrast and saturation enhancements when on the small screen.

But they are still "dead" stills. Better is to make a movie type file to display made up of those same stills but adding a tiny bit of Ken Burns effect to get a slight zoom and/or pan happening. That way stills look a bit alive. I used to use ProShow Gold for that but they are now dead so there must be some good substitute.

Warning with Ken Burns effect is that the bigger the screen the more careful you need to be to slow down and lessen the effect as too much movement on say  a 50" screen would need each chair to be provided with sick bags.

Basically, fun gadgets to play with.

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