Just a lomography question.

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Re: Just a lomography question.

Utradar wrote:

So yeah, was wondering what lomography actually means and what would be the correct time to say that I am shooting lomography

Lomography is pretty much a made-up word coined by the International Lomo Society and used by the Lomography company. If you've perused their site, you know that Lomography specializes in low-fi and "toy" cameras that produce less-than-perfect images through light leaks and/or imperfect plastic lenses, as well as funky films that often have random streaks of color.

Wikipedia redirects "Lomography" to "toy camera", which is a rather brilliant bit of marketing, if you ask me. Personally I don't think that should be the case, Lomography should redirect to a page about the company (which does not exist).

The truth is that low-fi cameras and photography are not new and predate both corporate entities listed above. I remember when Holgas got popular in the early 90s.  You had to load them in a darkroom then tape the crap out of them to avoid light leaks.

Back then we didn't have the word "lomography", we just called it "shooting cool pictures with strange crappy cameras".

Lomography by using analog cameras and vintage leneses and

Nope, that's just film photography. Pretty much all film camera lenses fit the vintage category nowadays!

Lomography as a a photography style, that emphasizes taking soft looking pictures with bright colors.

I would consider that just a creative choice.

And as someone who doesn't use analog cameras but uses a lot of vintage lenses, can I be technically called a lomography photographer?

I would say no, because I don't think Lomography extends to the digital world, and btw I believe they like the word "lomographer".

But why be part of the marketing effort? Shoot what you love, and call yourself a photographer and an artist.


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