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Re: iPad Pro - a new future for my hobby

akrabat wrote:

One feature of Photos in the new iOS 14 is that you can now set a caption for each phone.

Hadn't spotted that one, although not so useful to myself, perhaps I'll look into it though.

It's not very discoverable though as you have to "pull" the image up when you're in single image view to get to it. Very handy, but I wish they had added title and keywords when the did it! Maybe next year…

Yeah, a bit of a kiss that one, I have added titles in the desktop versions (using Old Toads scripts to add a date-comment-filename title), keywords are more useful, although I tend not to use them as much now, as I find it's all too easy to miss images out, add incorrect ones etc. The latest AI based search seems to work well enough to replace my intended use of keywords.

People/Faces could still do with some improvement though.

I've been looking at Lightroom Cloudy as that does do keywords on iPad and built-in brushes etc would be nice. However, the loss of Live Photos and Photos' Memories which I use as a widget on my iPhone means that I would need to maintain two systems which seems overkill.

I'm still running Lightroom Cloudy as a secondary setup for now, but looking at a way to cancel the account without paying the early cancel fee.

I would have liked to have stuck with Lightroom to be honest, but it fails on too many counts for my purposes - the AppleTV app doesn't work at all for my setup (Adobe forum engineers confirmed it's not happy with the number of folders and albums I have, although Photos works just fine with the same setup), external editor support doesn't exist unless you double the subscription to get Photoshop, so things like red-eye fix aren't easy, no virtual copies (only duplicated files), really poor batch processing implementation (OK Photos on the iPad doesn't have this at all, but it's easily possible using Raw Power or Pixelmator), and no direct printing support on iPad or Desktop.

And more recently it's shown that it's not a completely solid and reliable system for managing your photo collection.

Hopefully Nik will get around to brushes in RawPower and for now now, I just use my Mac for titles and keywords.
The iPad-only workflow feels like it's so much more possible nowadays and this discussion has been really interesting and makes me hopeful.

It's definitely nearly there, and I must admit I'm still using the iMac for some folder/album reorganising, adding titles (in the hope they'll sync to the iOS/iPad devices sometime), and adding to the sharing albums (for some reason adding from the iPad seems to screw up the sort order options).

I'm also avoiding using Photos for any editing so far, as it doesn't have a histogram at all, which I miss if it's not there (showing clipping overlay is so useful too). Raw Power fills most of the needs for basic editing, and I work pretty much completely with that at the moment for all editing needs.

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