Adobe Photoshop 2021 vs Luminar 4 - Sky Replacement

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Re: Adobe Photoshop 2021 vs Luminar 4 - Sky Replacement

Chris Sargent wrote:

I tried Photoshop 2021 on a 'tricky' scene this afternoon. Luminar 4 often struggles to replace skies when there are existing clouds that are fairly prominent.

Photoshop did a much better job and didn't produce the odd artifacts that Luminar sometimes generates. No amount of tweaking the sliders can remove all of the artifacts.

Yeah, I found that in Luminar, if you follow the detailed and thoroughly vetted documentation that it's best to move the sliders back and forth in random directions until you stumble across the best combinations.
And you still may not get rid of all the artifacts. 
But never fear, next you grab the brush which may fix things and may make them fubar. 
Luminar reminds me of my former sky replacement software Landscape Pro. It either worked well or not at all. If it doesn't, there is no sense in trying to repair it.

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