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bassy...some samples and thoughts/tips on P950

Bassy wrote:

I know you will give it a good workout and use it's zoom reach

what makes you think that lol

to be honest and seeing its my very first day yesterday with this camera i am more than happy

Glad to hear that.

just examples to see what i could get jpegs sooc...

...the fact that it focused on this top twig impressed me a lot

AF is improved over your P900. Especially at the telephoto end.

If it ever misses...this might happen:

I was following and shooting a Great Blue Heron, when I moved in front of this bush.

AF changed to the leaf.

Sometimes mistakes can be a good thing

Also try out the digital zoom. It's impressive, IMHO.

4000mm (2x digital zoom):

4000mm handheld

3 times digital zoom:

6000mm handheld.

Not saying it's just as good as optical, but that it's useful.

You might also notice you will be achieving better details than your other gear , shooting far away subjects with your P950.

Until we have 40+ MP sensors to crop from, getting closer (not always possible) or zooming in more, most always delivers better results (feather details, fur, etc).

Getting more pixels on the subject trumps larger sensors, with lenses that have 3 to 4 times less reach.

My D7500 with 300mm reach (450mm in 35mm terms) does terribly shooting same subject right after using P950 at 2000mm. I tried this with many shots

Just for the record, that lens is not too soft at 300mm  and the sensor  is quite good:

D7500 with 70 to 300mm AF-P lens shot at ISO 10,000 

I was pretty close to that female Mallard. Only 1/640th at that high ISO.

But for smaller and/or farther away subjects, the P950 takes the lead.

Exposure, details and sometimes even  AF, are better on P950 in these situations.

If shot is within 300mm reach, or when needing higher ISO or dynamic range, then I might as well put the P950 away. (see shot above)


You might want to use an external battery charger, since  USB  takes a long time to fully charge (for me , anyway)

Try different settings, like Active for the VR.  But might not work best for you.

When shooting lower shutter speeds , or when subject is moving, I recommend using burst mode. Continuous H. There is a Continuous L setting, but the EVF/LCD blacks out and it seems like only1 or 2fps.

You don't need to shoot 7fps. It will shoot less, if you let off of the shutter before reaching 7 shots. If you take too many shots, the buffer will fill up and then you have to wait

A medium continuous setting (firmware update   would be nice.

AF is set for first image in this mode (fps burst)

VR is amazing, btw.

Press the play button on back, if you want to view images on LCD/EVF without powering up and extending the lens.

DXO software does really good with the RAW files.

If you want in depth manual, Epub version, here's one:


Stay healthy


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