Exposure Compensation confusion??

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Re: Exposure Compensation confusion??

Mark_A wrote:

Joe94 wrote:

Evening all,

I’m after a bit of clarification, because I’m a bit confused aha.

Essentially I know what Exposure Compensation is, how & when to use it in different ways, but what I’m confused about is what modes it can be used in...

I know you can use it in A & S mode, but I’m confused about using it in Manual mode, it seem to be that some things you read it says you can & some you read, it says you can’t? Is this to do with type of camera DSLR/mirrorless? Age of camera? Or something else?

For ref I’m using an Olympus OMD EM1 Mark3.

Thanks all

You can also use it in P mode in which it operates like it does in A or S modes.

In M mode my understanding from a Nikon perspective is that it just moves the meter to an offset according to how much EC you have dialled in.

I don't attempt to use EC in M mode, I just set all parameters according to how I want the image to look. Usually using M & spot mode.


I shoot Nikon and agree fully with your explanation.  However, if you are in manual mode with auto-iso invoked, the camera will automatically adjust iso to reflect the meter scale offset that you described.  However, this cannot be accurately classified as manual mode because a camera-controlled adjustment feature has been introduced.

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