Exposure Compensation confusion??

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Re: Exposure Compensation confusion??

Mark_A wrote:

Joe94 wrote:

Evening all,

I’m after a bit of clarification, because I’m a bit confused aha.

Essentially I know what Exposure Compensation is, how & when to use it in different ways, but what I’m confused about is what modes it can be used in...

I know you can use it in A & S mode, but I’m confused about using it in Manual mode, it seem to be that some things you read it says you can & some you read, it says you can’t? Is this to do with type of camera DSLR/mirrorless? Age of camera? Or something else?

For ref I’m using an Olympus OMD EM1 Mark3.

Thanks all

You can also use it in P mode in which it operates like it does in A or S modes.

In M mode my understanding from a Nikon perspective is that it just moves the meter to an offset according to how much EC you have dialled in.

I don't attempt to use EC in M mode, I just set all parameters according to how I want the image to look. Usually using M & spot mode.


Thank you, it really does seem that some brands/models offer it and some done... However another common thing seems to be; which is something I didn’t really thing about, but does make sense.. is that yeah if using manual then really why would you use EC, as you can just manual control all three areas to give the correct exposure, which when I think about it give the true reason meaning behind why EC works well in the semi auto modes

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