Exposure Compensation confusion??

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Re: Exposure Compensation confusion??

Barry Twycross wrote:

Joe94 wrote:

Evening all,

I’m after a bit of clarification, because I’m a bit confused aha.

Essentially I know what Exposure Compensation is, how & when to use it in different ways, but what I’m confused about is what modes it can be used in...

I know you can use it in A & S mode, but I’m confused about using it in Manual mode, it seem to be that some things you read it says you can & some you read, it says you can’t? Is this to do with type of camera DSLR/mirrorless? Age of camera? Or something else?

For ref I’m using an Olympus OMD EM1 Mark3.

Thanks all

Some do some don't. See what your camera does. Point your camera at a blank surface, and see if changing the compensation changes the meter offset (or ISO for auto ISO).

Exposure compensation can't have any effect on your exposure, as you're using manual, you set the exposure. It can affect the meter, which includes what auto-ISO does if you're using that.

I'm not entirely sure I want exposure compensation to work with manual, and I'm not sure if it does on one of my cameras. I adjust the manual exposure by how far off the meter offset is. If I wanted a +1ev compensation, I'll twiddle the shutter speed or aperture so the offset is +1ev. I don't use auto-ISO.

Hi Barry, thank you for this. I must admit after I wrote this I thought why didn’t I just try mine for the case of seeing if mine does it aha... but aside from that I also wanted to know the reason, but as you say it seems to just be a case of some do some don’t.

However thinking about what you say about whether you would actually use it in manual mode, I hadn’t thought of it like that & your right, I suppose the whole point of using manual mode is you in full control of the exposure so as you say if you want +/- EV then yeah you would change ISO/shutter/AP to suite.

And so if I’m right that links to where EV compensation came about in the first place for the same auto modes, because when using them your only change one thing where as the camera still sets the overall exposure so manual compensation can be applied to override the camera, but of corse back to manual you are overriding everything anyways?

Hope I have understood correctly from that & thanks you very much appreciated

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