New laptop... suggestions?

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New laptop... suggestions?


I might upgrade to a new laptop. It might come down to a question I asked on another sub-forum about the graphics card and editing...

My current computer is i7-8550U, 16GB RAM, basic graphics card (incompatible with Premiere according to Adobe), Win10. It's a Dell.

What would I need on a new one to make a significant difference?
Would a better (and compatible) graphics card make a noticeable difference when editing (video)?
A faster CPU?

Main things that could be better are the video editing and stacking hundreds of photos, plus importing in Lightroom, etc.

I've always had good experience with Dell but I'm not ruling out any company. Several suggested Lenovo to me recently for example.

Also, the thought of installing everything again sounds like... you can guess...
In the past I remember I basically "cloned" my entire drives to new ones... but I've done that while they were off the computer (I bought new ones that I then replaced with the old). Can I do that with the drive that is already in the laptop? Clone my current drive to the new computer? Or is there no way around re-installing everything in this case?


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