Capture One - how do I stop the software from auto-cutting the corners of my photos?

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Re: Capture One - how do I stop the software from auto-cutting the corners of my photos?

ateriksen wrote:

fujiian wrote:

Peppering in that C1 doesn't always pick the correct number on that slider. It's pretty smart, and usually gets close, but you'll want to keep an eye on and occasionally tweak it.

I have to correct you on this one, if I'm not misunderstanding you. The slider represents percentages, so the 100% is the 100% of the full correction, and the slider is more often at 80% or higher depending on EXIF data of the image. See image and link below. There are no static number on the slider saying "debarrel and stretch 10% at 10 points" if you mean that. Capture One will read the lens profile from EXIF and apply the correction accordingly to that and focal length. There are some discrepancy between mm's on a superzoom, but I find it to be very accurate with either primes or zooms. But again, there's a reason for the slider too ๐Ÿ˜

Interesting nuance, and thank you for educating me on the difference!

I guess that also explains why the slider goes to 120%, which allows you to 'overcorrect', or 'lean further into' the default correction.

The main point, though, is still relevant as described in your response I bolded above, and in my original post below โ€“ it's weird to have correction either 'fully on' or 'fully off', and I only notice when I'm at a FL right around that boundary.

For example, my 16-55 (which suffers from a pretty heavy distortion on the wide and tele ends) is auto-corrected by this C1 slider. However, this automatic assignment starts at 100 on the wide end, plummets straight to zero for standard FLs, and then shoots up to 100 again at 50+mm.

This highly depends on the lens optical construction and how much distortion it has, that's not a default function of Capture One on all lenses.

Did understand this part.

The 14, 16, and 35 primes feature fantastic optical correction, so that slider stays put.

I wish Capture One explained this in details how they apply it, like if they only check wide and tele, or do in-between.

Me too! It would take a ton of ugly tests to really know, so I'll pass and let the software do its best

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