GPU USELESS For Lightroom Classic!

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Re: GPU USELESS For Lightroom Classic!

Simon Garrett wrote:

Batdude wrote:

Received my new Ryzen 3900X system today and just started messing around with it.

I grabbed my 16MP Fuji XT1 and filled the SD card with 1,912 RAW photos and imported to Lightroom. Let me just say that this CPU is a LOT faster than my previous i7-6700.

The 3900X is not hugely faster than the i7-6700 at single-core speed, but it has 24 processors as against the i7-6700's 8, and so has much greater all-core speed.

I've made the same upgrade (in my case i7-6700K, slightly over-clocked) to 3900X, and here are the CPU-ID benchmarks: first figure is single-core speed, second is all-core:

i7-6700: 474, 2377

i7-6700K: 483, 2555

3900X: 532, 8201

Processor clock speeds have not risen greatly since the i7-6700, but current processors have many more cores. Lightroom does not seem to use anything like the 24 processors on my machine, but uses around half of them when exporting or building previews.

It only took 1 minute and 40 seconds to import all. Translation: I'm very happy

With the GPU enabled the import time is actually six seconds slower, at 1:46.

I just want to say that I'm so glad I didn't go crazy and obsessed about buying a really expensive GPU and I'm happy with the used $180 GTX 1070 I got and if I had gotten one it would have been money being thrown to the trash. I personally don't do anything in LR that I feel is so advanced that a "high end" GPU is required. Maybe there are certain functions that others might use or that I'm not aware of, but me (personally) I just don't bloody see it.

The good: You will save a TON of money by ignoring the GPU.

I know, they are sooooooooooooooo nice and cool looking aren't they?

The bad: Adobe looks really bad simply because it's software is pure garbage for GPU usage. I feel really bad for whoever purchased a very expensive GPU for this application thinking the GPU will kick A** and then it must hurt to see that the GPU does nothing.

I purchased my GPU used so I'm cool with that, but if I had paid over $200 for a new one forget it I would simply unplug it and return it and get something cheaper until Adobe upgrades Lightroom to take 100% advantage of those massive expensive graphics cards.

Anyway, I'm sorry that the time here is midnight and I have to go rest so I'll catch up here tomorrow

In your second post you put:

From everything that I’ve noticed and learned is that the good GPUs that Adobe “recommends” costs around $800 and up.

That's not what they say at . A link there suggests (on another Adobe page) using a card with a minimum Passmark score of 2,000, which is pretty low. Your 1070 scores 6,206.

I quite agree with you: a powerful graphics card is wasted on Lightroom.

Better, I think, to spend money on a fast M.2 NVMe SSD for C drive, raw cache, catalog and previews. That can all be the same drive if it's big enough.

I agree. I had some gift cards and some credit card reward points accumulated and used and got me two 1TB M.2 fast SSD. Pretty much everything was doubled in this new system including the RAM and its speed.

For what I do and for what my kids might end up doing in the near future this computer is going to last me many years to come and I don’t see myself spending one more cent on it. The rest the software manufacturer is the one that has to do its part by giving the software a boost in speed.

Also the day someone comes out with something that actually beats and replaces this Adobe software I will be one of the first ones to jump ship 😁 meanwhile and unfortunately Lightroom’s workflow is what works for me.

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