GPU USELESS For Lightroom Classic!

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Re: GPU USELESS For Lightroom Classic!

Simon Garrett wrote:

Processor clock speeds have not risen greatly since the i7-6700, but current processors have many more cores. Lightroom does not seem to use anything like the 24 processors on my machine, but uses around half of them when exporting or building previews.

Many moons ago, Austinian posted a screenshot showing how DxO Photolab was using all of his many CPU cores during Prime noise reduction. (6 cores each with 2 threads? I dunno)

I'm amazed by in-camera noise reduction because it is so much quicker than (though not as good as) noise reduction in PC software.

As poster DeathArrow says in a well-liked post, DxO is an alternative. But if you're invested in Lightroom catalog etc, DxO is probably not a viable option.

The good: You will save a TON of money by ignoring the GPU.

Maybe someday Batdude will buy Topaz AI and finally make use of his $180 GPU.

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