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Re: If above ISO 250 is unacceptable...

FingerPainter wrote:

... on the D5100, then anything above ISO 400 will be unacceptable on the D7500 and anything above ISO 800 will be unacceptable on the D850, which is the highest rated Nikon FX camera.

I think you need a medium format sensor, or to change your technique or to lower your expectations.

That was my first thought. I had the 16MP D7000 before the D7500 and there's not a huge difference. I would regularly shoot the D7000 up to ISO 6400. Granted, those were shots I'd only ever put in a photo book at roughly snapshot size ...

Imaging-resource's evaluation of the D5100 was:

ISO 100 images make excellent 24 x 36 inch prints ...
ISO 1,600 prints look quite good at 13 x 19 inches.
ISO 6,400 shots are pretty good at 8 x 10, better than usable.

I always wonder, when people complain about noise, if they're basing that on pixel peeping in editing software.

I have a 20x30" print on my office wall taken with a 12MP DSLR (older & noisier than the D5100) at ISO 400 (even cropped down to about 10MP) and it looks great.

Buying a camera with a larger sensor will reduce noisiness, as long as you can shoot with at least as wide an f-number and at least as slow a shutter.

That's the key ... and if you have some need to keep the shutter speed at a certain point (handholding or avoiding subject motion blur) *and* you need to stop down a little for a certain depth of field, then you'll just be increasing the ISO even further with a FF camera, because you'll stop down more for DOF.

To avoid noise, you want to put as much light on the sensor as possible. A bigger sensor does this at the same exposure settings (but you give up DOF); a slower shutter speed does this (can you use a tripod or rely on image stabilization ?); a faster lens does this (again, you give up DOF) and auxiliary lighting does this.

- Dennis

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