Quick test, iPhone 12 Pro Vs. RX100 MKVII

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Quick test, iPhone 12 Pro Vs. RX100 MKVII

Daytime, RX100 still wins, images look natural where as iPhone is still over sharpened.

However dynamic range is much better on the iPhone (yea I know it's computational and not "real" sensor dynamic range, I don't care and neither do most people, as long as the result is good), however this is a rather low dynamic range scene because of the weather so I don't think this high dynamic range look favours the iPhone. In a scene with more dynamic range the RX100 might be prone to over exposed sky and loss of shadow detail where as the iPhone will not.

For low light situations, it's a tie at best. Image quality is about the same but iPhone is capable of brighter images and less chance of motion blur. Where as the RX100 you always have to check if you have blur.

The iPhone with LiDAR sensor is capable of respectable low-light "portrait" shots, the processing CAN (under good circumstances) look quite natural.

The RX100 MKII is very hard to use with anything but the widest setting because that's where it can do f/2.8, anything longer aperture goes down and it's extremely easy to get blurry photos. It also starts to loose color at high ISO, where as the iPhone processes high ISO much better and still gives very accurate colors.

Overall, The RX100 MkVII is an impressive piece of tech, I guess I'd still bring it to the zoo if I'm going at daytime because it can do 200mm rather than the iPhone's 50mm. However at night time I would not even consider the RX100, iPhone is just better under more challenging lighting conditions. I don't even want to test videos, pretty sure the iPhone will win that one.

The RX100 MKVII costs more than an iPhone 12 Pro, so I would not consider this a good deal since the iPhone 12 Pro is also a phone on top of being a decent camera. At this point I really think anything smaller than APS-C is going to have a hard time matching flagship phones because of the gigantic gap in computation. In fact I'm not sure I'd want to bring my X100V except for fashion and style, that f/2 lens does not really give any meaningful bokeh anyway. And the total lack of any stabilization means it too will loose to the iPhone in low light.

I think I'll sell all my compact cameras, the iPhone 12 Pro MAX is almost another stop stronger than than the pro, if the regular pro isn't enough to bury the high end compact camera, the pro max will be.

Sony RX100
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