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If above ISO 250 is unacceptable...

... on the D5100, then anything above ISO 400 will be unacceptable on the D7500 and anything above ISO 800 will be unacceptable on the D850, which is the highest rated Nikon FX camera.

I think you need a medium format sensor, or to change your technique or to lower your expectations.

First of all, you should realize that noise is an inherent part of photographs. Noise is variation in pixel value, and it stems primarily from variation that occurs naturally in light due to the random nature of photon emission.

Buying a camera with a larger sensor will reduce noisiness, as long as you can shoot with at least as wide an f-number and at least as slow  a shutter. It will only improve the SNR by the increase in sensor diagonal.

Something that may help reduce noise is to learn ETTR.

If you do buy a new camera with a larger number o pixels you will be tempted to compare its images with those from the D5100 by looking at each at 100% zoom. This will inevitably lead you to conclude that your new camera is noisier than the D5100. It isn't though, You will just be seeing the effect of examining a smaller portion of the frame taken by the higher pixel count sensor. To compare noise performance between two cameras, compare the same fraction of the image. That means examining the D7500 at 60% zoom if you look at the D5100 image at 100% zoom.

Related to this is any time you crop an image or zoom into a subset of an image, what you will see will be noisier than the whole image.

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