New Benq SW270C Calibration - Acquired Values are way off

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New Benq SW270C Calibration - Acquired Values are way off

Hey guys, I just got a new BenQ Sw270c monitor, and while I love it, I've been having some weird issues calibrating it. I've been following ArtIsRight's guide to the letter on windows 10, calibrating with a Spyder 5 Pro colorimeter.

Display Settings

White Point: D65
RGB Primaries: Adobe RGB
Luminance: Custom=110
Blackpoint: Relative


Calibration preset: Calibration 1
Profile Version: v2
Profile Type: Matric
Patch set size: Large
My aquired temperature ends up being 200k below the targeted temperature of 6500k, somewhere around 6300 or so.
My target luminance is 110, but I end up with an aquired luminance of 160 or so.
Why is this? What am I doing wrong?

Thank you!

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