Olympus should use APS-C sensors

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Matti Eteläperä Junior Member • Posts: 37
Olympus should use APS-C sensors

Though not an original idea, I think this is the way to go.


  • Not stuck with the glacial speed of Sony's MFT sensor development
  • Theoretical possibility to buy sensors from Canon, Fuji etc.
    • 32,5Mpix APS-C is 20Mpix when cropped to MFT, this is well enough
  • Return of the multi-aspect sensor for MFT lenses
  • Third party lenses with APS-C image circles make the camera, well, an APS-C camera


  • IBIS will become somewhat less effective due to increased sensor weight
  • Sensors may be more expensive
  • Massive confusion on Internet forums over sensor size equivalency

What's not to love (apart from the fact that something this logical will never happen)?

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