A7Riv Electronic Front Shutter - on or off (and other settings)?

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A7Riv Electronic Front Shutter - on or off (and other settings)?

Three weeks or so ago I posted about realistic expectations of image quality with the A7Riv and FE100-400mm GM lens. Some of my images were degraded by atmospherics for sure, but whatever the conditions I found I couldn't get sharp edges in the zoom range 200-400mm. I'd had the lens five weeks by the time I was pretty certain it wasn't as it should be, so sent it back for Sony to look at. I had also hired the lens a year ago and the very few images above 200mm I had kept from the hired lens looked better to me, although they were shot with an A7Riii.

I add that most of my shots are landscapes and I use a sturdy tripod and wireless remote release and 2 second timer (and Steady Shot off). I also removed all filters.

Sony repair asked for some image examples which I sent via Dropbox and say they have now adjusted the lens and are satisfied with the test shots they've taken with it subsequently. The lens is on it's way back to me so hopefully all will be good!

The Sony engineer has made some suggestions for when using the lens, one of which is to turn Electronic Front Shutter to off (second camera menu page 5/11) as this can help in certain situations. I've checked and mine is set to On. Can someone explain how this works and what situations this may improve image sharpness? I have a custom menu for when shooting landscapes on a tripod, should I have EFS turned to off all the time when using a tripod? What about when handheld?

Other suggestions are:

  1. Change the timer from 2 to 10 seconds if possible.
  2. That the Priority in AF-S and AF-C can also have an effect (first camera menu page 5/15). Mine are set to balanced, should I change them to AF priority?
  3. Increasing sharpness in Creative Styles (first camera menu page 12/15) which I have set to Standard and haven't changed as I understand that this only affect JPEG and not Raw. Am I correct with this?

Finally has anyone any other suggestions for getting sharp edges from this lens at the longer focal lengths please? One thing I have decided to do is start shooting landscapes at F/8 rather than F/11 by default. I appreciate that this will reduce an already shallow depth of field at 300-400mm but have read here that optimal edge sharpness for this lens at the long end is at F/8.

Thanks for any advice.

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