Eos R5 hot shoe corrosion after one shooting in light rain

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Re: Could you send a slightly bigger (larger area) image

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Last weekend I took my 1 week old R5 on a shooting during light rain. Afterwards I dried it with a towel. Today I saw that one small part of the hot shoe shows corrosion. I've never had that before, my 6d Mark II and my 1DX, that I used during rain several times in the past years, never showed something similar. Any ideas what to do here?

I really would like to see 5 cm more to every direction - the explanation to this problem could be in a bit larger image of the cameras top plate ....

And I just started to wonder why you did not send the camera back to Canon - I would have done that immediately.

When seeing this photo, my first thought was acid. Maybe a leak battery in a speedlight or something ?

I was thinking the same thing. I've seen that greenish deposit before when having a leaky battery from the acids they emit. Hmmmm in a way I'd be happy to find that being the case. It would let Canon off the hook for shear water intrusion issues.

Yep that was my thought too after I looked closer, also this big faint stain around the contacts suggests there was some chemical involved. Battery leakage from the flash is a possible culprit.

No doubt this is battery leakage or some other chemical corrosion.

Interesting, because to the point I realized this, I didn't use a flash. First time I put on a flash was after I saw this, to check whether or not the hot shoe would still be working.

This brings me to a clue, that this camera was a return. It was the only one they had in stock. Unfortunately I didn't look close enough, if these stains were already there when I bought it.

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