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Re: Changing brand rather than wait for M5.2

Techvet wrote:

I have a nice M system comprised of the M5, the M50 and all the M lenses. I also just traded in my heavy 6D kit with three L lenses and bought a Fuji X-T3 with the 16-80 f/4. Why?? Because I got tired of waiting for Canon to produce my ideal camera. At this point I’m not sure they ever will and if they do it may be a while.

Wow nice, great choice!

To be very fair the M system is very good at what it is - a modestly priced, lightweight, mostly compact system the produces very good to excellent photos and videos with a user interface that ranges for simple to enthusiast levels. That’s the sugar, now for the vinegar... It is not weatherproof and probably never will be. It does not have the sort of configuration options that a R5 has and probably never will. It’s not full frame like the R6 or R5 and likely never will be. Aside from a select few focal lengths, it doesn’t have fast glass and probably never will. Now I’m cool with all of that because I accept it for what it is. I’ll likely never kick it to the curb because 1) it fits my needs a good bit of the time, 2) doesn’t require much space to store and 3) it’s paid for. Selling it now would definitely result in a loss over what I’ve invested in it.

Well said.

My time with the Fuji has been brief at this point, but it appears to have have a STEEP learning curve. Don’t believe me... there is a excellent 2 hour YouTube video that instructs you on how to use it’s features and it’s awesome. Talk about options and capabilities... Wow! It is larger and heavier than the M - the X-T3 w/ the 16-80 comes in at around 2.4 pounds, but a f/2 prime brings that down to just over 1.5 pounds. There is a LOT of metal in the body and the lenses, so it feels much more solid than the M. It is weather resistant and so are a lot of Fuji lenses. It is infinitely customizable, with many options that I’ve never thought of. A nice bonus is that Fuji has a mantra of keeping camera features updated with new firmware. Finally, it may take better pictures, but it will take a while before I take better pictures with it. For a time I expect many of my pictures to be worse.

Yes & as you might know, you will be getting a new firmware within a week to bring it in line with xt4 & X-S10! Keep learning, you're right that it's very different from Canon but it didn't take me long to adjust. Check out pal2tech on YouTube, I find his videos very informative.

No doubt that much of that last paragraph could also describe elements of the RF system. However, you might pay more money for some of that same capability. I also think the ultimately the RF system will be heavier, especially the faster glass.

Yes the good thing with fuji is that you can either go light or heavy so best of both worlds.

At the end of the day, I switched because I wanted more and I got tired of waiting for Canon to give it to me. My guess is that other M users who dabble in or defect to other brands are not doing it because the M is bad. In my case, it’s been very good to excellent. But it’s not giving me (and others) everything I am (and they are) looking for. Maybe Canon will eventually make a M5 MkII, but odds are it’s not going to offer some of the attributes of the X-T3 that I’ve mentioned above. Yes, going with Fuji dictates buying new glass, so does going RF, or Nikon, or whatever. The only real way to avoid that expense is to reread paragraph two and be content with what the M system is and what it is not.

Yes the M system is great for what it is & has a lot more potential but unfortunately Canon has other plans.

Enjoy shooting & learning...thanks for taking your time to share your experience.

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