Capture One - how do I stop the software from auto-cutting the corners of my photos?

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Re: Capture One - how do I stop the software from auto-cutting the corners of my photos?

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How do I stop this from happening? It's not present at photos taken at 50mm for example.

That's C1 applying lens correction for that particular lens (ie correcting for distortion which usually occurs more at the corners/edges) - wider lens usually have more distortion and hence you lose more when it is corrected.

But if you want to remove the correction, just go to the Lens Correction tool tab and either press on the 3 dots and chose "Disable default lens correction" (C1 won't apply the lens correction on future images) or use the Distortion slider to reduce the amount of correction.

Peppering in that C1 doesn't always pick the correct number on that slider. It's pretty smart, and usually gets close, but you'll want to keep an eye on and occasionally tweak it.

For example, my 16-55 (which suffers from a pretty heavy distortion on the wide and tele ends) is auto-corrected by this C1 slider. However, this automatic assignment starts at 100 on the wide end, plummets straight to zero for standard FLs, and then shoots up to 100 again at 50+mm.

This is consistent with the lens' natural distortion 'zones', but the 0-100 jump can over- or under-correct images taken with FLs on the boundaries between these 'zones'.

I had never noticed C1 automatically cropping my images until recently when I noticed the crop on images taken with my recently acquired 16-55 f2.8.

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