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Re: D7500 iso noise

potterjo wrote:

My d5100 is dying and looking to upgrade. I take mainly wildflower photos. Many of these are in low light situations and need to bump the iso. The drawback is that anything above 250 the noise is unacceptable to me. Will I have the same problem with the D7500 or do I need a full frame sensor?

First, I had the D5100 a long time ago and didn't find low ISO noise objectionable but everyone has their own personal tolerance for noise.

I now have the D7500 and yes it's an improvement over the D5100. Of course, it's a Gen 5 camera.

As far as thinking that a full frame will solve all your noise issues, well....it will be "better" with a full frame sensor (currently I have a D7500/D610/D800 and a D850) but I've found my D7500 is pretty darn competitive.

But, that's my tolerance for noise vs your tolerance.  If you were to buy a D7500 and found it's noise level to still be too much for you I doubt you'd be happy with any full frame either.

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