Now you can view and edit 14 bit RAW photos in real time...on your phone

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Re: Now you can view and edit 14 bit RAW photos in real time...on your phone

24IS wrote:

That's all good and well, Dexter. But, do you really want to edit a RAW file on your smartphone? That's a pretty small screen to base editing choices on. Surely having access to a large screen will make it possible to more readily evaluate what you are doing, and you are less likely to miss something that may become apparent once you view the edit on a larger screen.

Yes, I do, because it's extremely fast, has engines optimized for that purpose, and because much of the images I produce are viewed on iPhones, etc, so I need to proof on them anyway. And yeah, it's a small screen, but it's got DCI P3 gamut, and is super high resolution. And maybe HDR and OLED on some phones. So a very high quality display; I correct mine with Xrite but it's almost always excellent even before calibration.

And an iPad Pro is 2732 x 2048, but at a very very high DPI. So it shows a lot of info in a space that can be viewed closer than a laptop without pixellation.

And with Halide you're processing on the same instrument you took the photo with. It's fast enough even before this upgrade that you can often take another shot with different settings if the first didn't cut it.

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