How do I keep E1 iii focus point to ONE point

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Re: How do I keep E1 iii focus point to ONE point

Isabel Cutler wrote:

Thank you, Henry. Yes, I have the Super Control Panel, but it doesn't seem to work the way you describe.

Surprise, surprise

"Info" doesn't appear on the lower left of the screen. I just have the front and back wheels working to control the size of the focus point(s) displayed as well as the cursors.

It doesn't seem to happening now, though I can't say what I changed that made the difference. It would be nice if I could figure out what I did and if the solution is permanent!


This was the stage I was in when I got the E-M10 Mark IV. Just to confuse things further - I did the same documentation on the EM-10 II within the last half hour.

Pressing the OK button on the E-M10 Mark II gives me the Super Control Panel:

Pressing OK again gives me the grid indicated in the Super Control Panel:

Now this has the 'INFO'  prompt, so I pressed the INFO button.


Now I get the prompt for toggling up and down to select the desired green area.

I remember, when I had the Super Control Panel at my start with the E-M10 II, I pressed the INFO button straight away, and all I then got was the grid shown in the SCP, and nothing else would change it.

You might get your SCP to show, which you can do reliably, then go through the buttons you have, until you see the 'INFO' prompt.

Hope this is not another red herring for you.


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