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Bassy wrote:

i like the little things in life having said that 6 weeks ago i got bit by a spider on my ankle

it ended up being a very nasty bite about a 1 inch circle,im ok now next time i will put on my boots and not my walking shoes when im in that area again

Are you sure that it was a spider that bit you?

1. It is almost impossible to tell a spider bite from an insect bite--unless you see the spider biting you and know that it was really the spider.

2. Most of the spider bites are not medically significant. More on, most of the spiders have fangs that are too small to successfully penetrate human skin.

3. Spiders, when they bite in self defense, usually deliver so called dry bites, i.e., they don't inject venom (at least during first bites, if they bite more than one time). Venom is too precious for a spider to waste. (No offense... )

4. In most cases the nasty side effects of a bite are caused not by venom, but by infection accompanying a bite.

Rick Vetter is a renown arachnologist specializing in spider bites. I suggest you look for some of his articles online. They are fun to read, and there are many things one can learn from them.

And, since this is a photo forum, here is a picture of a shamrock spider (my favorite!) biting me:

As you can tell, I am still alive. My hand didn't even swell. The spider also survived the bite.

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