Now you can view and edit 14 bit RAW photos in real time...on your phone

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Re: Now you can view and edit 14 bit RAW photos in real time...on your phone

24IS wrote:

That's all good and well, Dexter. But, do you really want to edit a RAW file on your smartphone? That's a pretty small screen to base editing choices on. Surely having access to a large screen will make it possible to more readily evaluate what you are doing, and you are less likely to miss something that may become apparent once you view the edit on a larger screen.

You are completely missing the point here. You are free to edit it on your computer too. But the fact that you can now shoot and edit 14 bit RAW files on a phone is quite remarkable. For the MANY photographers who shoot on their smartphones and upload to social media, this is huge as you can now do everything right from your phone. No need to wait till you get home, transfer everything to your computer, open an editor, convert your photos etc..

Lots of photographers are quite used to editing on their smartphone already. Many of us use apps where we can change our focus points, change our depth of field using depth mapping, change the look of our bokeh, use filters that blow away any LR preset etc...So this just shortens and cleans up the workflow for many.

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