Something similar to EFS 55-250 but faster?

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Re: Something similar to EFS 55-250 but faster?

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Hi all,

I think I know the answer to this but wanted to tap the collective wisdom of the forum. When not restricted by COVID, my two high-school-age children are actively involved in musical theater. I end up taking a lot of pictures of them on stage from the back of the theater.

In general, I’ve found the efs 55-250 to have an ideal focal length on a crop sensor camera (currently M6 Mark II). At the wide end, I can just fit the whole stage and, when zoomed in, I can isolate head/shoulders/torso.
The challenge is the lens is not very fast and I have to crank up the iso during the more dimly lit scenes. (The choreography requires fast shutter speeds.) Is there a lens with a similar focal length range but with a better aperture?

I think the answer is no. Most of what I see are 24-70, 70-200 at 2.8 / 4 or super zooms that aren’t any brighter than what I have now.


look for a deal on the 70-200 2.8 or get closer with a prime

I use the old Canon 100 2.8 macro non-L for some stage events

I second mmirrorless' statement.

I use a 200 2.8L or 100 2.8 macro in case I need a faster tele lens. the 200 2.8L is one of the most affordable L lenses and it is relatively light and compact. If you find a good deal on a used one I recommend you grab it.

the 200 F2.8L was never that popula back in the day ...manly as the old 80-200F2.8 L aka the magic drain pipe was slightly sharper at 200MM and you got a fact the 80-200 was sharper than its replacement and its replacements was not till the 70-200F2.8L MKii that thier was a sharper xx-200 f2.8 lense..

I am not aware of any sharpness issues with the 200 2.8L. On the contrary, I am very satisfied with mine. Maybe sample variations, but nothing I have noticed or read about so far.

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