my XP Professional laptop wont format any memory stick over 32Gb

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My XP Professional laptop will not format any memory stick/or card greater than 32Gb.. however i did once buy a mem stick which did, why is this?

If you recall formatting a > 32GB mem stick, you probably did it with third party software.

Could be; also, I wonder if a previously full-formatted >32GB drive (from the OEM?) could be successfully quick-formatted by XP without destroying the factory formatting?

Good hypothesis. I doubt it, because in the Ballmer era Microsoft was trying to promote use of its semi-useless (IMO) exFAT format.

The site the HowToGeek site linked to, RidgeCrop, is inaccessible when I tried to click on the link. I had a friend who was uncontactable for some years. He used the domain so the the entire site is gone now.

OP rookie79pandora79 has not gotten back to us, but there are plenty of alternatives to format 64GB or higher flash devices on XP, including AOMEI Partition Assistant. Can't recall what I used back then, but it was not AOMEI. An old version of Rufus for XP is still available (2.18).

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