How to make A7III raws look like Jpeg previews

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Re: How to make A7III raws look like Jpeg previews

Austinian wrote:

Allenglishboy wrote:

I have my camera set to Picture Profile off and shooting Jpegs and RAWS

On my previous camera the raws pretty much looked the same as the jpegs once i applied the color profiles for my camera in Lightroom. However with my A7iii the raws look nothing like my JPegs. Is there any way to get the raws to look more like the Jpeg previews?( i obviously know I could fiddle around with in Lightroom until i have a similar look, but i wondered if there was a better way to do this)

I'm guessing that the easiest way might be to use Sony's own Imaging Edge software; I don't know, since I'm not trying to duplicate JPEG looks, but I'd try that since IE might be more likely to obey the detailed camera settings than LR.

Unfortunately, and unlike Canon's DPP, Imaging Edge does not provide identical JPEG output that exactly matches OOC JPEGs. The closest to that in my experience is DoX PhotoLab, the latest version of which also sports some intersting new noise reduction and uses the GPU more to enhance performance. The LR Camera Standard profile is quite workable, but you can of course always create your own profile or get ready made ones online.

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