Why no love for the Nikon F2 or F3 ?

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Why no love for the Nikon F2 or F3 ?

Whenever people ask for a beginner camera or the like the Nikon’s that are recommended are normally the FE2 or FM2(n).   They’re very nice cameras, but I’m just wondering why the F2 or F3 are very rarely recommended ?

My thoughts are

* The F2 and F3 are less likely to have been owned by an amateur and so likely to be more worn

* The flash arrangements are a bit “odd” and need either a special adapter or a special flash

* They can be a bit more expensive

* They can be heavier

But given all that,  the F2 and F3 are very nice cameras, just wondering why they’re not recommended much (if at all).   Obviously this is only vs other Nikon’s.

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