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Re: Lens-body combos out and about

dmokn wrote:

Curious if others have one smaller body and one larger body and tend to use different sized lenses accordingly.

I have both GX7 and GX8 and will use either my 12-32mm or 20mm on both cameras.

I tend to take my GX7 for social gatherings (not too many lately!) because it is less obtrusive. Also, easier to carry one handed - and even click from waist level one handed - with the thumb grip I installed.

GX7 with Fotodiox thumb grip

For outdoors general photography, I'll take the GX8 with one of those lenses because of the flip out LCD which I use often with the camera in vertical position. Also, the larger sensor affords more cropping room, which I don't need when using the GX7.

At the park or lake for nature photography, I take the GX8 for the larger sensor, with my 12-60mm and/or 45-150mm.

And my "bigger" lenses feel better balanced on the G85, which has the nicer viewfinder, etc.

That's an interesting comment. When using a large lens back in my film days, I was taught to balance the lens in my left hand. The camera, then, does nothing more than stabilize and make the exposure.

I started using my 100-400mm for wildlife with my GX7 before I acquired the GX8.

I never experienced any difficulty using a large lens on the small camera

Now, I use the GX8 with this lens because of DUAL IS and larger sensor.

There's no right answer here;

That is for sure! Interesting thread.

- Richard

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