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Re: Lens-body combos out and about

dmokn wrote:

Curious if others have one smaller body and one larger body and tend to use different sized lenses accordingly.

Absolutely. There is some overlap though.

With the GM1 and GM5 I tend to use small light primes and tiny zooms. An exception is the 60 macro and the 7-14F4 but these are still smallish and light enough.

The 12-40pro and the 40-150pro mainly go with the EM5.2. That is my large kit with largest bag.

The Pen-F I use mostly with small primes, but sometimes also with the 12-40pro.

I can say, that I bought many lenses with use on one particular camera size in mind, sometimes with nearly identical FL's. Of course it is an advantage that all share the same mount and could in a pinch be used on any camera. It just does not always make sense to me. I never put the tiny 14mm or 12-32 on the EM5 or Pen-F, it would work fine but makes no sense to me. And I never put the big and heavy 40-150pro on the GM, I tried and it works, but again makes no sense to me, especially as this lens has no OIS and the GM's have no ibis and this limits usefulness at this FL.

It's not only size and weight. Another consideration is cost of lenses. For my light travel kit the lenses see some abuse. I rather risk an accident with a cheaper and easier to replace lens. I would be more cautious with an expensive lens and may miss some shots... whereas the 14, 12-32, 35-100 and the SLRmagic 8mm are essentially expendable and easy to find again on the used market.

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