Fuji GFX lens for deep space astro

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Re: Fuji GFX lens for deep space astro

Richie S wrote:

So I would like to be able to use my 50r to do some deep space Astro. I have a tracker and I’d like to add an fast lens in the “full frame” range of say 135 to 200. Not sure I’m ready to plunk down all that cash for the 250

That's not a very fast lens.

and given I don’t need af I’m looking for a good telephoto to adapt. I have a Bronica sq 250, but it’s it’s an older version and frankly not the sharpest tool in the box - -so any nice alternatives that could fit the bill and offer full sensor coverage.

I’m doing this because of my youngest son’s love of space as I think it could give us some fun nights in the yard as the nights draw in.

Any options would be much appreciated.

Canon 200/2, but I don't know if it will cover. You might have to remove some baffles. If you're really interested, I can find out how close the Nikon 200/2 comes to covering.

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