A quick look at DeepPRIME in real life ...

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A quick look at DeepPRIME in real life ...

I bought PL4 today. So to give an impression of what this DeepPRIME feature is capable off, I just gave it a quick try on one of my photos that I shot in dim morning light on the veranda of our house. - And, please, it is not an extraordinary photo of any kind. It is just a snap shot of a sparrow. Taken with a Nikon D500 and Tamron 150-600 G2 at 600 mm. Camera settings were 1/320 s, f/6.3 at ISO 4000.

To demonstrate the effect of DeepPRIME I took threes different screen shots of the photo in PL4. You will notice differences between these shots only in the small loupe at the top right of the screen shots where the 'loupe' for noise reduction effects is located.

The three shots show HD noise reduction (the most basic setting in PL4), PRIME noise reduction, and DeepPRIME noise reduction successively.

HD noise reduction.

PRIME nose reduction

DeepPRIME noise reduction

You should definitely look at enlarged versions of these screen shots to notice the differences between the various noise canceling settings. And you will note a problem that bothers me about DxO's software: the preview of the photo does not show even the slightest changes - while the exported files will look very different. This raw kind of preview in Pl3 and PL4 is somewhat deterring me from knowing what fine adjustments to contrast, sharpening etc. look like before exporting the files. This is my main criticism against an otherwise excellent software.

If anybody knows a way to improve this situation with PL4/PL3, please let me know!

Back to DeepPRIME. Here are the three exported versions of the photo. All settings were identical except for the noise cancellation setting. I exported all three versions as jpg-files (due to file size) of 2048 x 1366 px at 90% quality setting. But I hope the differences between the noise reduction settings remain visible. (NOTE: I have applied my usual standard development settings to all of these shots. But as these were identical in all three photos, I think other effects but the noise reduction should cancel out.)

HD noise reduction

PRIME noise reduction

DeepPRIME noise reduction

As you might notice at this resolution the difference between PRIME and DeepPRIME looks small. At full size the difference is more obvious, though, as Deep PRIME gets away with the  little noise  left be PRIME. If you look carefully, this effect is visible even at the reduced resolution presented here.

Hope this helps. Questions etc. are welcome but won't be answered by me before tomorrow as it is way past 2 am here in Germany and I have to get some sleep now.

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