'Normal' FE zoom lens options.

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Re: 'Normal' FE zoom lens options.

I would add my agreement about the Tamron 28-200.  Image quality is really excellent, and focus is always spot-on (with the firmware upgrade).  In addition to being significantly less expensive, it's also significantly lighter than the 24-105.

Tamron has also created significant competition for its own 28-75, which is not that much faster in the overlapping focal length range, nor does it appear to be any sharper.

The only time I miss the 24mm is some architecture shots in narrow streets, but for that an even wider focal length is often needed.  For general use, the 28mm starting focal length is just fine.

You've quite rightly omitted from consideration Sony's two older models, the 24-70 f/4 and 28-70 f/3.5-5.6.  These are just barely acceptable on a 24mp sensor, but really show their poor resolution on the A7R series, where they under-resolve the sensor by a large margin in the border areas, making them very poor for subjects that need sharpness across the frame.   It's a mystery as to why Sony's earlier attempts at standard zoom design have been so far below other brands.

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