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Re: Fishing at the Gardens #1

19andrew47 wrote:

I have the Bower branded version of that lens WN. I don't really have the imagination needed to make good use of it. You did well with it. I especially like the second.


Thank you, Andrew … I confess I remember when I saw the first Fisheye photograph, I think in Life magazine, and I never really cared much for it … But a few years ago I saw the O9mm bodycap lens and thought why not give it a try. It provided enough creative impulse to get me to buy this Rokinon and since then I have found several subjects that I like to play with – mostly in the garden and close up. I like using it with curved surfaces such as the first, fourth and fifth pictures where I find its exaggeration interesting. I also find that it permits interesting objects to appear on the edges, as in three, four and five .. Also, the rapid diminishing size of the neighboring flowers in five allows the subject to be better separated. I have no excuse for six! … Usually I see possibilities when I don't have the lens along so occasionally I leave the general purpose and macro lenses home and just play with this Fisheye ... But then this is all subjective and I certainly may subject you to more in the future …

Stay well ….


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