Why is Window Glass So Bad to Shoot Through?

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Re: Why is Window Glass So Bad to Shoot Through?

Doug Haag wrote:

FrancoD wrote:

Rather funny if you knew that only yesterday I mentioned, in another thread , how sometime we use the wrong word but should be able to understand the meanning by the context.

In this case I got your version of appear wrong.

Appear can be used either way. To mean that it is but also (as you used it) that it seems but it isn't , most often, in English, it is the first as in :

She appears to have left

you appear to be drunk

there appear to be a mistake

it appears I was wrong.....

(apart from the primary meaning of : to come into view)

That is about the use of the word in English. As for the American version I don't know ,however I am familiar with some of your peculiarities like " I could care less " (so, why don't you ?)

BTW , the thicker glass at the bottom thing was debunked many years ago. I used Google to find that drawing.

Frenco... After sending that message, I had second thoughts about being so defensive (and insulting to you). Sorry. In retrospect, I probably should have sent a PM right away. I'll try to remember to do that the next time I am injudicious in my posting.

Nevertheless, my original post was pretty clear in suggesting that "appearances can be deceiving" and what might appear to be a reasonable explanation is not.

By the way, I too am troubled by folks who say, "I could care less" when they mean to say "I could not (couldn't) care less." But difficulty with contractions isn't just an American thing. It is like the British chap who wrote "I could of used a higher shutter speed" when the correct expression would be, "I could have (contraction = could've which merely sounds like 'could of') used a higher shutter speed."

I like how Americans put  liquid fuel in their cars and call it gas.

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