Any suggestions for maintaining detail with darker parts of the photo and toning down brighter part?

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Re: Any suggestions for maintaining detail ....

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As has been mentioned, expose for the highlights and recover the shadows is the remedy.

Exposure for highlights is essentially an emergency resort for cases when a photographer can't get the proper exposure quick enough. It shouldn't be a part of normal workflow in landscape photography where you (almost) always have quite enough time to get the exposure right.

huh, now wouldn't taking the time to get the exposure right in the end be the same as 'exposing for the highlights'? After all doesn't the phrase mean to create a proper exposure where the highlights are properly exposed and not over-exposed and void of data ?

Exposing for highlights is a very confusing term, but if you read descriptions and manuals on this technique, you'll find they converge to something that's not the same as ETTR. As in the suggestion above, if you use spot metering on a bright part of the sky, it won't be ETTR, you'll get an underexposed image compared to ETTR.

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