Fisheye lenses for Fujifilm?

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Fisheye lenses for Fujifilm?
  1. Samyang/Rokinon 8mm f2.8 II - ~$200 used. Seems to easily be the best for IQ, but no close focusing (12 inches, 30cm) which will be an annoyance for subjects like animals. The first version might focus closer but isn't available in Vietnam at the moment
  2. 7Artisans 7.5mm f2.8 - ~$150 new. CA in corners and poor resolution in corners, but I will be cropping usually. 12cm close focusing. When comparing tye 12mm wide angle to the Samyang 12mm there was a massive gulf in quality making a used Samyang well worth the extra ~$100 for a used one instead of a new Chinese lens.
  3. Pergear 7.5mm f2.8 also has 12cm close focusing and does seem different to the 7A, although it may be rebadged by others like RiseSpray. Not seen enough reviews yet, but might have better corners than the 7A? Seems to be just $100.
  4. Kamlan 8mm f3 - $170. 12 inches 30cm close focusing makes it a non starter. 

Not interested in circular fisheyes and the Dorr 12mm f7.4 is the worst lens ever created.

So, has anyone used any of the 3 mentioned and would you recommend one? It is just for casual street, hence me not just going straight for the obvious best performing lens which will be the Samyang.

Have I overlooked any? I was considering the Fujifilm 15mm f3.5 uncorrected, but I don't think you can remove the lens profile in Lightroom Mobile, so that is a non starter as I want this lens for a casual, quick and fun option. I am referring to the 15-45 BTW, which is dead to me as a zoom. I don't suppose the lens correction profile can be deleted from Lightroom CC could it? I can upload via Windows so maybe there is a deleteable file somehere?

The Zenit 16mm f2.8 sounds decent and just $130 used, but not quite wide enough probably and a bit big as it will need an M42 adapter.


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