D7200 video vs other acquisitions

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Re: D7200 video vs other acquisitions

Ticu wrote:

Hello Community,

I would like some guidance from somebody who knows more on video.

I have now a d7200 which I use to film church events at 30p (50 shutter speed) with a nikkor 50mm f1.8g (mostly I use f2.8 to have a good exposure very rare I have to go under f2.8).

My main problem is that the current lens is prime and I have to move and sometimes i don't have enough space to compose the image I want.

To solve this problem I am looking into buying a new zoom lens.

I am looking at sigma sigma 18-35mm f1.8 which costs 750 Euro as new.

This will allow me to shot and compose in tight places and never worry about the ISO having a f1.8 zoom lens.

Now the question for u guys who know better than me. (i would really appreciate ur help and time).

Considering that with d7200 i mostly use f2.8 do u think a better choice is to buy a panasonic G85,G80 or something simillar from another brand (800 euro budget)?

Would the image of G85,G80 on 1080p would look far way better than my 1080p d7200 ?

How it will d7200 + sigma 18-35mm f1.8 compete vs a new 800 Euro acquisition in terms of image quality and low light?

What u guys will do if you will be in my place.

Thank u very much for ur time.

I don't know if there's a big difference in the quality of the video image between different cameras, but I do know that Nikon is known for having wonderful colour and depth in their images. So if you're happy with the video quality at 1080p with Nikon, I don't know if you're actually going to get a better quality image/video out of another system. Other systems might have features you could use, but if you're pretty happy with the D7200, there is no real reason to switch. It would just cost money you don't need to spend.

The Sigma 18-35mm is a fantastic lens. I use my 18-35mm for filming with my D5600 and D500 all the time, and it's really great for me. I will say that the autofocus is not super quiet, so if you're using onboard microphones they may pick up the autofocus noise. I don't mind it personally, and I don't think the Nikon 50mm lens you have, which I also own, is quiet either. I do recommend stopping down to F2.8, but it has more to do with the depth of field than sharpness. At 2.8 you have more of the face in focus if you're close up, and at 1.8 you can sometimes have the eyes in focus but not the end of the nose/ears.

Honestly it's one of the best lenses ever made for any APSC DSLR, so it's easy to say go get the 18-35mm.


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