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I use the single center point 90% of the time, but as Enders Shadow said, shooting fast action make having multiple focus points helpful. Also, some feel they get better results by moving the focus point rather than using focus and recompose.

Yes, I remembered after Enders comments, that I cannot focus/recompose with fast moving objects. I am not sure I will be good with "moving the focus points" dexterously. That is why I was almost questioning the validity of this .. but the manufacturers are putting lots of tech into this area, face, eye recognition etc.. must be some thing I will realize I will need with more shooting. Thanks to this Pandemic i have started to dust my camera and take it for a walk along the local trail. Good to know your "90%" data point.

There is a big difference between your AF system and those on mirror less cameras that have eye and face detection. On DSLRs, those extra points come in handy in many situations, especially when tracking fast moving subjects such as swallows in flight for instance. For that kind of shot a single point makes things very hard. We also enjoy a single point with a few assistance points around it. Even for static subjects that can come in handy. Yesterday I was doing just that, a single point would not focus on a time my bit of foliage where a bird had regularly been landing. Centre plus the assist points nailed the AF so when the bird did land I was locked on.

with the new mirror less cameras, computational AF can determine specific features picked up by the cameras imaging sensor (OVF AF sensors use a different system which cannot be analysed in the same way or resolution)so hit rates can be improved. Once you lock on to the eye of a subject, such as a basketball player or animal, the AF can then track them and even keep tracking predictively when the subject get occluded. So with that system, the more points you have the better the system can be.

Thank you.. that was very helpful. I need a longer lens for BIF. Just shooting some deer, bobcat, bunnies etc along the trail now.

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