Workspace (workflow/raw converter for Olympus) equivalent for Panasonic??

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Re: Workspace (workflow/raw converter for Olympus) equivalent for Panasonic??

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Sorry, it might be my consumer monitor but I can't see the difference.

This might help.

Look at the areas where I put the black dots. The upper image from WS gives the correct colors. The lighter parts of the wood have more green due to absorbing the copper pressure treatment, so they are lighter and somewhat different in color. The Adobe conversion just makes them a lighter color of the darker areas. This is also true of the grass in the original image where the grass is simply not green enough.

However, for an image with extreme dynamic range, the adobe conversion will make it easier to recover the highlights. So I use it for those images, but WS for everything else.

What Adobe color profile did you use?

Using ColorChecker, it is easy to generate and integrate your own color profiles with Adobe products.

Just the default for my camera.  I could setup color profiles for Adobe, but see no reason to do so.  I have compared WS with Adobe with different Adobe settings and never get anything I think is better with Adobe than the WS tiff using my camera setting unless there are problems with highlight recovery.  I do still use LR or photoshop to further process the tiff files and reduce noise in the background for wildlife photos by creating layers in photoshop.

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