Ai or ai-s lenses on z

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Re: Ai or ai-s lenses on z

Dennis Bayer wrote:

Richard B99 wrote:

michaeladawson wrote:

Dennis Bayer wrote:

If exif is not recorded, why get this instead of a $20 dumb adspter?

Absolutely correct. If one is only going to adapt manual, non-CPU lenses then the FTZ is a waste of money.

Personally, I won’t be buying any of these lenses for my Z. No aperture in EXIF? No buy.

I don’t remember those old lenses ever supplying EXIF information on the (film) cameras that they were originally built for either. Didn’t seem to make any difference to the images either back then or, for that matter, now.

That's correct. You had to make notes during a shoot, jotting down shutter speeds and f stops. It was a pain in the butt! You also had to change rolls of film every 36 shots (in most cases). Now people are unhappy if they have to change a battery every few hundred shots.

Indeed, I remember it well.  Nowadays, I prefer the digital approach but if I go back to old gear, I’m going to accept it limitations and all

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