New Lightroom and Photoshop released today

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Re: New Lightroom and Photoshop released today

Jim B (MSP) wrote:

Chris Sargent wrote:

I'm finding it a bit buggy.. like it was rushed out.

I doubt that it was rushed out but I have to agree in that I had several issues, which could well be described as 'buggy,' when I initially installed it.

After three instal/remove/reinstals, most of the problems have magically disappeared but I still can't use the spacebar/hand combination to move the image on the screen.

Which package are you finding buggy? And what OS?

Windows 10; fully up to date.

And what are the bugs? Maybe the rest of us could check them out and see if it is the software, or perhaps a result of a specific hardware setup you have.

I also was surprised with some of these features as they feel like a dumbing down of the application IMO

Again, I can agree that the sky replacement thing does seem a bit 'kiddyish.'

IMO, for PS they are trying to expand the market to more non experts,

I take your point and the simple nature of the sky replacement (provided you don't delve into its masking properties) might appeal to some snapshooters but overall, the software's becoming ever more complex in many other ways and that won't appeal.

as well as counter some competitive threats.

I guess by that that you're referring to Luminar, which, for all its faults, allows you to replace skies in a way that's on a par with the results that can be achieved, in my so far, limited experience, with Photoshop at a fraction of the price.

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