New Lightroom and Photoshop released today

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Re: New Lightroom and Photoshop released today

Jim B (MSP) wrote:

Chris Sargent wrote:

I'm finding it a bit buggy.. like it was rushed out.

Which package are you finding buggy? And what OS?

And what are the bugs? Maybe the rest of us could check them out and see if it is the software, or perhaps a result of a specific hardware setup you have.

I also was surprised with some of these features as they feel like a dumbing down of the application IMO

IMO, for PS they are trying to expand the market to more non experts, as well as counter some competitive threats.

This is true. PS/LR were once basic editors where you had to most of the editing yourself. Adobe Standard was flat by design. You were supposed to tweak or import/create custom colour profiles. Now between ISO Adaptive Presets and Auto (Sensei) I can develop a decent usable file in one second if I want to.

Competition benefits us all. All companies compete so you buy their products. I'm still convinced Adobe created the new profiles - Adobe Colour, etc  because of a video C1 Pro  put out saying how much better their product looked "out of the box". Default sharpening also went from 30 to 40.

This is great. Keep it coming. Keep the pressure on. It benefits me and everyone else. I may not use all of the new features but I use the ones I need.

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Another one bites the dust. I feel even more confident that soon things will have a wonderful conclusion

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