Advice on best option for macro Fuji to Minolta

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Re: Advice on best option for macro Fuji to Minolta


I bought an MDiii 100/4. Very happy with it. There are great many 90-100-105mm legacy macros and most are good lenses.

The MDiii 100/4 offers 1:2 lens-only and 1:1 with its matched 50mm extension tube. It is often sold with the matched MD tube (which doesn't have a tripod collar). I chose deliberately to buy just the lens separately, and then bought the MC 50mm tube because this has a tripod mount. If you use the tripod mount on the tube, it offers much better balance than the lens with MD tube and camera mounted to the tripod via the camera base plate. The lens is very sharp, low in CAs and flare resistant.

Fuji offer an 11 and 16mm tube in X-mount with contacts for AF and data with Fuji lenses. They're very good quality. There are a gazillion aftermarket tubes for a quarter of the price. Most seem to be 10mm and 16mm options. Some are reported to work fine (eg Meike) Others are reported to cause problems. I switched to Fuji ones and have never regretted the extra expense.

You could use any of the MC tube, MD tube, Fuji or aftermarket ones. Note though that if you do buy a legacy 100mm lens to adapt, to get enough extension for 1:1 with a lens like the Minolta, you'd need to stack 3x 16mm tubes to get close to 1:1.

The other alternative is to buy a legacy macro lens that goes to 1:1 by itself. They just cost a bit more and you'd a need a new adapter in the required mount. Options with the essential aperture ring include the Nikon 105/2.8 D, the Pentax DFA 100/2.8 (non-WR model) and various later Tamron lenses (172R, 272E).

Cheers, Rod

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