Getting an Olympus camera , is it worth due to the situation?

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Re: Getting an Olympus camera , is it worth due to the situation?

a_c_skinner wrote:

If you have a collection of M43 lenses then yes, buy a up to date body. If you are not heavily invested in lenses I'm less sure.

Olympus is uncertain, Panasonic is a smaller vendor with its effort spent on two systems, with L mount consuming its main efforts.

M43 as a vlogging and video format seems one likely future.

That and if the "confidential sources" are to be believed, Sigma is not at all thrilled about Panasonic's pace with the L-mount and want to see a lot more bodies (especially in video) if they are going to continue. Panasonic offers video cameras for four mounts: L, PL, EF and m4/3. Meanwhile, their largest competitor offers one mount (Sony E) or two mounts that will soon be one mount (Canon RF and EF). That makes a huge difference when you are trying to outfit a media organization with video and stills equipment.

I suspect that partner from Sigma and the market will necessitate that Panasonic focuses on L moving forward.

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