OMD E-M1 ii Front Dial - Stiff Vague Mushy Rubbery, Is this normal?

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Re: OMD E-M1 ii Front Dial - Stiff Vague Mushy Rubbery, Is this normal?

HalftoneDot wrote:

Bought an E-M1 Mark ii to take advantage of recent PRO Lens offer.

However, the Front Dial has a completely different feel to Rear Dial. The front is stiff vague and imprecise in operation, with poor tactile feel. Both front and rear sound just as loud.

For comparison, I Also Have an E-M1 i, E-M10 i, 2x ii and iii - and these all had same feel and response between their front and rear dials (no difference felt). Also have number of Canon EOS 1 series cameras, and dials again feel same, front and rear, both landscape or portrait orientation, no difference between each dial on these cameras..

Rear dial is fine on this new EM1 ii and the rear dial, feels just like the front & rear dial on E-M1 mk I.

Any thoughts ?? Is the difference there for a reason on EM1 ii, but not on the others ?? Or could rubber weather sealing be out of place and rubbing, or does it have an internal tension/resistance adjustment for the dial ?? Or is some over librication the cause ??

if it’s a wrongly fitted weather seal, I may not be able to enjoy a shower with it - without front dial leaking.

My experience is that individual examples of the E-M1 Mark II do vary in the feel of the front control dial (from new). I've come across examples where the front dial either feels similar to the rear one, or is looser (easier to turn, with less obvious click stops and a little play). However, all have worked without problem.

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