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Re: Ai or ai-s lenses on z

Montanawildlives wrote:

I am looking for suggestions on which Ai or Ai-s Nikon lenses can stand up admirably on the new the full frame bodies, let’s just stick with the 24 megapixel versions.

I know the new Z lenses are in a league of their own but I am wondering if there are some of these Manual focus, cheaper lenses that can at least not embarrass themselves

I guess I would mostly be interested in wide angle but really anything up to maybe 105 mm or 135 mm.


Loads of them:

Use some ai/ai-s myself on a Z6 - generally very good if stopped down a bit.

Off the top of my head:

2.8/28 ai-s CRC is very good especially closer in. ( ai version not quite as good )

2.8/24 ai-s CRC  also good

Haven't tried the 3.5/20 or 2.8/20's - don't expect sharp corners.

the 1.2/50 ai-s still nominally in production - very soft wide open and you can read about its 'character' It is the sharpest of all the old style SLR double Gauss / 'planar' type at f2 to about f16.

the 1.8 and 2.5 105 's ai/ai-s are worth looking at - they have a long following for legacy glass

longer: 2.8/135 ai-s ( cheap ) and particularly the 4/200 ai which is cheap and nearly an apo lens.

No exif etc not an issue for me - I take in manual and set ap and shutter. Sometimes use auto iso.

IBIS I find really useful sometimes.

On adapters, FTZ or dumb: you are probably going to be OK if you use a cheapo dumb adapters but it just depends on how short they are from spec. The lenses with floating elements like the 2.8/28 ai-s in theory need a accurately tolerances adapter like a Novoflex but I haven't had any probs with K&F on other bodies ( I just use an FTZ on Z6 ). For some reason some of my C/Y zooms are more sensitive and need a Novoflex rather than a cheapo on Z6. Novoflex ai-Z are near the same price as a used FTZ BTW.

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