my XP Professional laptop wont format any memory stick over 32Gb

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Re: my XP Professional laptop wont format any memory stick over 32Gb

Tom_N wrote:

Slightly off-topic, but related:

The SD Association defines four capacity standards. The SDHC standard is for cards with more than 2 GB, and up to 32 GB, of capacity. It uses FAT32. SDXC is for cards with more than 32 GB, and up to 2 TB, of capacity. It uses exFAT.

SD Association – Capacity (SD/SDHC/SDXC/SDUC)

Given the 32 GB formatting limitation in the Windows XP implementation of FAT32, it is probably not an accident that the SDHC standard tops out at 32 GB.

I wouldn't recommend formatting a memory card meant for use in a digital camera with the "wrong" filesystem. FAT32 is the "wrong" filesystem for a SDXC card, even if there is a chance that some camera implementations might tolerate "mix and match".

If you format SD-family cards on a computer, the SD Association recommends that you use their application instead of the one that came with the operating system.

SD Association – SD Memory Card Formatter

I personally never do anything to an SD card with a computer except copy image files from it. When a card approaches being full, I format it in the particular camera it'll be used in.

So far, that method has caused no problems at all for me.

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